The identification of a women’s healthcare crisis.

In 2006, ob/gyn Nina Seigelstein, MD led a team of medical professionals on what they discovered to be the only gyn mission trip to ever deliver healthcare to women in the Northern Region of Sierra Leone. Over 300 women came from hundreds of miles away to be seen and treated.  Sadly, these women had  gynecologic conditions that were entirely treatable with the proper medical care. Tragic complications of pregnancy and childbirth routinely occurred but could have been prevented with access to appropriate obstetrical services.

This experience fueled Dr. Seigelstein’s determination to create a sustainable infrastructure in Sierra Leone which could successfully function to save women’s lives. Every day.

One World Women’s Health was born with a well-defined purpose: making women’s healthcare a priority in Sierra Leone.

We all live in One World. The Women of Sierra Leone need our help.

Women in Sierra Leone are

46% more likely to die

in pregnancy or childbirth than women in the U.S.

Our Projects

Dedicated to improving the health and well being of the women of Sierra Leone. One World Women’s Health is not only committed to ensuring that obstetrical and gynecologic care becomes available to women in the Makeni region, but is also working to make these services sustainable.

Maternity Ward

In 2009, OWWH initiated their Maternity Ward project which worked to design, fund, and furnish Holy Spirit Hospital in the northern city of Makeni with their own fully functional fully equipped Maternity Ward. That Maternity Ward has been delivering healthy babies to healthy moms since September 2016.

Gynecologic Surgery

OWWH has performed life-saving and quality of life changing surgeries on over 100 women who would otherwise have had to continue suffering for lack of access to specialized gynecologic care.

Sierra Leone has a population of 6 million people and

only 5 obstetrician/gynecologists.

That’s the equivalent of 261 in the U.S.

About Sierra Leone

  • West African country of 6 million people
  • Brutal 11 year civil war ending in 2002 worsened the cycle of poverty and devastation
  • Ranks 180 out of 187 countries on UN Development Index (2011)
  • Less than 1 qualified physician for every 10,000 people
  • Women in Sierra Leone have a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth
  • The recent Ebola outbreak in 2014 devastated and traumatized an already fragile community and its healthcare system

How your donation helps.

100% of the funds donated to One World Women’s Health have been used directly towards the engineering, building, outfitting, equipping, and furnishing of the Maternity Ward, as well as contributing towards the costs of the gynecological surgeries at the Holy Spirit Hospital.

In September 2016 we were thrilled to announce the opening of the Maternity Ward. Now we are working to raise the necessary funding to cover the hiring of a fulltime local obstetrician/gynecologist, as well as bolstering our midwive and theatre staff. Donations will also be used to fund professional medical education and community outreach programs designed to ensure the sustainability of quality ob/gyn care in Sierra Leone.

80% of women who die in pregnancy and childbirth in Sierra Leone

die of wholly preventable causes.

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